Open Call for Frontend (React) and Backend (Go) Developers!

Horizon Blockchain Games

Horizon Blockchain Games

Software Engineering
Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023
At Horizon, we make web3 easy, fun, and accessible for users and builders. Our mission is to unlock web3's utility, drive mass adoption, and accelerate content creation by empowering builders to create amazing web3 games and experiences.
We have two powerful products to achieve our mission:
* Sequence, the leading all-in-one developer platform for building web3 games and apps.
* Skyweaver, a digital trading card game—powered by Sequence—where players can win, own, and trade their NFT/SFT game items.
Sequence unlocks web3’s utility, and is poised to accelerate web3 content creation and drive adoption on a massive scale. Skyweaver—named 2022’s best blockchain game—is a groundbreaking video game with an unprecedented player-owned economy, novel gameplay, and passionate community.
While the challenge is hard, we find it incredibly fun. And, we have the ingredients to make it happen: a well-capitalized company with some of the best investors in the world, including Brevan Howard Digital, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., Coinbase, Ubisoft, Polygon, Morgan Creek Digital, Initialized, BITKRAFT, and more; an amazing team of leaders in the web3 space; engineers who have built widely popular open source; gaming and tech industry veterans; and founders who have built and sold successful companies.
What We Are Looking For:
Are you a passionate and experienced developer with knowledge in web3 and gaming?
We're always interested in meeting exceptional people, so even if there's no open role tailored to your expertise at the moment, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us a cover letter and resume, and we will consider you for future opportunities.
Please know that while we're unable to respond to every submission, we do look at every single one and will reach out if your work experience and skill set match Horizon’s vision.
Backend Software Developer - Go
We are looking for developers with experience architecting, writing, testing and shipping production-quality code in Go.
You are rigorous and have a refined eye for simple architecture and clean code. You enjoy building scalable, fault-tolerant, and elegant systems. You enjoy and appreciate a strong developer experience and the ergonomics of a well-built system.
You will be joining the expert Go team at Horizon, previously who in our spare time + for fun, authored OSS projects like chi (https://github.com/go-chi/chi), upper/db (https://github.com/upper/db), webrpc (https://github.com/webrpc/webrpc), goware (https://github.com/goware), and much more.
Our Go codebases are extremely clean and the patterns we've built have been shaped over 7 years of writing production Go systems and open source projects. These are the patterns which we apply to our infrastructure at Horizon in our products Skyweaver and Sequence.
You have a deep understanding of designing robust, well-designed code with thoughtful architecture. You can drive and self-direct major areas of our stack.
Frontend Software Developer - React
We are looking for a Senior Front End Developer with React.js experience.
Our culture values craftsmanship: As a developer at Horizon, you’ll be architecting, building, and maintaining our React codebase.
You choose designs that are correct, and not just expedient. While we embrace the hacker ethos, we aim to build scalable, cleanly written code that's extensible, and easy-to-read for others. You take pride in your craft.
A self-driven and open-minded developer committed to continued growth will thrive best in this role.
While our team is small, you’ll work alongside some of the best engineers, open source contributors, and as part of a company dedicated to your success. You will learn a lot and have the opportunity to make a massive impact.

What You Bring

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field
  • Previous experience in web3 development
  • Previous experience in game development and gaming industry
  • Experience in Golang and/or React
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with memory and space optimization
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Growth mindset. You love to learn, and actively search out new material and technologies
  • Comfortable working remotely with teams in many different time zones
Why Horizon?
- A chance to deliver massive impact at a small and quickly growing company
- Work on hard, big, meaningful problems that can shift markets
- Competitive salary and equity package
- Accelerate your career by joining at the early stages
- Be part of defining web3, the next generation of the Internet, and creating symbiotic economies where both users and creators share in the value generated by networks
-Work with an outstanding team made of wonderful people who have built and sold successful companies, launched amazing products, and have rich experience in infrastructure, architecture, blockchain, games, finance, investing, strategy, consulting, design, marketing, community, and more.
-Work-life balance unlike the “crunch” culture you find at larger studios
-New PC, and generous allowance for work-from-home setup
-Extensive health benefits for Canadian employees
-We’re conscious about mental health and have modern vacation policies
-We invest in everyone’s personal development
-Learn more about our values and the traits we embody at https://careers.horizon.io/
We are committed to diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders and faiths.
While we're building incredible products, we also want to add to our wonderful team and company. The best way to do that is to attract talented folks from all areas and to have their experiences inform their work.