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3Box provides distributed user profiles for Ethereum. Users can create a social profile and use it to sign in to dapps, and developers can onboard users and save data to their profile using the Ethereum Profiles API.
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Adhara is a liquidity management and international payments platform for decentralized financial networks.
Alkemi is an institution grade liquidity network providing turnkey 'DeFi' market access tailored to the 'CeFi' execution layer. Alkemi Network's liquidity pools are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-20 asset-compatible with a core market focus on BTC, ETH, and stablecoins. We solve the capital, control, and connectivity problem currently preventing CeFi from entering DeFi. Our core offering, Alkemi Earn (live on Mainnet), is a permissioned liquidity pool where trusted counter-parties can borrow/lend programmatically.
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Who owes what to whom and when on blockchain. We are building the @ACTUSprotocol. Blog: https://t.co/Afm1DgHybu
Aztec is a protocol uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions on Ethereum.
BANKEX is digital asset banking platform that creates infrastructure for tokenized assets and the world’s capital markets
Bison Trails is the easiest way to run secure infrastructure on multiple blockchains. Our technology platform provides enterprise-grade security, multi-cloud and multi-region distribution, and a 99% uptime guarantee for node operators. Our aim is to strengthen the entire blockchain ecosystem, by providing robust and secure infrastructure for the blockchain pioneers of tomorrow.
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BlockApps is a Blockchain as a Service company with customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Their mission is to drive the adoption of blockchain technology through its platform, BlockApps STRATO. BlockApps was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.
BlockFi is a secured non-bank lender that offers USD loans to crypto-asset owners who collateralize the loan with their crypto-assets. Their products bring additional liquidity to the blockchain asset sector and meet the needs of both individuals and institutions holding blockchain assets. BlockFi holds clients' Bitcoin and Ether with a registered custodian and issues loans in USD to their bank accounts. Currently operating in beta launch, lending in 35 US states to retail investors and companies. BlockFi’s mission is to provide liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to digital financial markets by creating products that meet the needs of consumers and corporations across the globe. They leveraging a sophisticated infrastructure that integrates with multiple blockchains, they plan to expand their product set based on their retail and institutional client's needs.
Blok-Z helps energy companies as well as consumers select and verify the origin of their renewable energy in real-time without the risk of green-washing. Energy providers can create new revenue streams while offering greater choice and transparency to their customers by telling the source of their electricity. We’ve received funding from ConsenSys and Draper University VC and are currently working on rolling out our solution with one the largest energy providers in Europe.
Blok-Z aims to be at the forefront of the decentralized energy revolution and a leader in sustainable energy software.